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These cameras are optimally received in the North American market and, Now, the manufacturer has expanded its offering with 4K models, that take color images to extremely high definition levels, day and night; and varifocals, with motorized lenses 2,8 And 12 Mm.

Hikvision ColorVu 2.0

Hikvision has announced its new generation of ColorVu cameras for more vivid color images 24 Hours. These solutions, that are not currently available in the Spanish market, include 4K and varifocal options.

In video security, color-related information is vitally important in identifying details in captured events, especially at night. Conventional cameras with infrared lighting only provide black and white images for night monitoring. As a result, People, vehicles or other important objects may look blurry and merge with the background, which makes it difficult to distinguish key elements.

Hikvision's ColorVu technology solves this problem faced by many security camera users, allowing color videos to be produced even in environments with extremely dim lighting.

“This is one of our best-selling products since 2018, when we introduced the first generation of ColorVu cameras to the market. Demand for low-light equipment continues to increase in the security industry, and we're glad to see that our ColorVu 2.0 improved can bring a more vivid image experience”, comments Frank Zhang, president of Hikvision's International Product and Solution Center.

Options for Turbo HD and network

The new ColorVu cameras 2.0 offer improved options, covering both Turbo HD (DF8T series/DF3T series/DF0T series) as networking products. They can meet a multitude of needs, from high-performance products to cheaper options and smart solutions.

Hikvision now includes ColorVu 4K cameras in its product line, which take color images to extremely high definition levels, day and night. With better image quality and more defined details, ColorVu 4K cameras can be applied in a growing range of environments, including stadiums, Airports, seaports and parking lots, where clear, high-definition images are needed.

In addition, Hikvision has also added varifocal cameras (DF8T-Z series) ColorVu models 2.0 to create color images 24 hours at all focal lengths. With motorized lenses between 2,8 And 12 Mm, allow you to zoom in on color images at night.

Improved color images

ColorVu camera lenses 2.0 retain the F1.0 super aperture design, allowing four times as much light to enter the high as in conventional cameras (with F2.0 design).

Achieving the high-definition camera approach with the huge F1.0 openings is extremely technically difficult for the industry, so it requires very strict and precise manufacturing.

Hikvision has applied its Active Alignment technology (Aa) colorVu cameras to increase the accuracy of the adjustment to 4 pixels or less, even smaller than 1/30 the diameter of a hair.

Meanwhile, night color images from ColorVu cameras 2.0 are much brighter than conventional cameras thanks to their optimized sensors. A new noise dynamic reduction algorithm (Dnr) 3D helps them record additional remote details clearly and get sharper images.

In addition, ColorVu cameras 2.0 are equipped with a soft and warm supplementary light that ensures color images even in completely dark environments.


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By • 27 Oct, 2020
• Section: Video surveillance