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Specially designed for SMEs, integrates automation solutions to monitor, in real time, the state of the system. In addition, stands out for the use of state-of-the-art TOI-X RF technology.

Hikvision AX Pro

Hikvision has launched the wireless intrusion and video system, Grade-certified 2, AX Pro. This solution reinvents traditional alarm verification equipment, incorporating video technology into the DNA of the system itself.

The AX Pro series includes a wide range of devices, able to provide maximum security to end-users, as well as a technology capable of controlling any kind of eventuality in the facility itself.

Along with the panel, the series has a variety of detectors and sensors, like PIR, security detectors and door contacts.

The same, includes the wireless PIRCAM with high-performance camera, which has been developed with the latest technology to offer a range of detection 12 Meters, Infrared LED lighting for night vision, internal memory for snapshot capture and a long-distance wireless protocol range of up to 800 Meters.

PirCAM ensures perfect communication with the panel via an exclusive CAM-X RF channel.

AX Pro has multiple communication channels and protocols for integration with third parties. The new solution stands out for the use of state-of-the-art Tri-X RF technology, which provides a high level of security and simplicity in radio communication, thanks to its RF protocol. Advanced anti-interference security in the radio protocol protects system integrity by providing greater stability and security.

The new AX Pro system includes iVaaS, Hikvision's exclusive service with built-in verification features, with a four-channel video buffer that allow the customer to show the customer exactly what is happening at the same time the alarm occurs.

The system has been designed taking into account both the needs of the end user and those of the installer himself. Offers fast and flexible installation with intelligent features, that save time and effort, such as automatic registration of peripherals. To all this we must highlight the user interface, highly reliable and simple.

AX Pro integrates complete automation features. It has a relay module and a wall switch to cater for any automation options you want to add to the system. By expanding capabilities beyond security, facilities now have greater flexibility to adapt to each customer's needs.

AX Pro supports Hik-Connect, the app that offers the full setup, video and voice notifications, as well as monitoring system and sensor status at any time.

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By • 21 Oct, 2020
• Section: Alarms, Intrusion