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To this end,, and genetec and Milestone's help, has incorporated improvements in video analysis with Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity.

Vivotek with Genetec and Milestone

Vivotek has incorporated improvements in video analysis with artificial intelligence and cybersecurity with the help of its video management software partners, Genetec and Milestone. In this way, users can implement intelligent and secure IP surveillance systems while having seamless connectivity.

By implementing AI in your core technology, Vivotek adopts an advanced Artificial Intelligence engine in the detection of people and develops Smart VCA technology with greater precision and less false alarms.

Integrated Smart VCA package includes advanced intrusion detection, prowling, line crossing, unattended objects, lost items, faces and crowds. Each Smart VCA event of a Vivotek network camera can be configured to trigger a relevant alarm in both Genetec Security Center and Milestone XProtect video management software.

In addition, security operators can view bounding boxes and detection areas via XProtect video management software.

Moreover, Vivotek provides comprehensive end-to-end protection with its cybersecurity management solution, in partnership with Trend Micro. Security operators can get advanced cybersecurity protection and receive event notifications through Genetec Security Center or Milestone XProtect.

"In 2014, Vivotek launched its Solution Integration Alliance program (SIA) to cooperate effectively with global partners who bring different knowledge in different areas. Genetec and Milestone are two of our strategic video management software partners and we will continue to invest more resources to facilitate mutual alliances.. together, we can strengthen video analytics and grow business in this connected world. We envision a safer future, smarter and safer", comments Peter Chang, Director of Vivotek's Product Planning Division.

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By • 3 Sep, 2020
• Section: Systems control, Business, Computer security, Video surveillance