In the project have been deployed a hundred IP cameras of this manufacturer, bullet type, minidomes and PTZ domes, at the strategic points of the main roads.


Located on the banks of the Nile River, To 375 Km. South of Cairo, Asiut is the largest city in Upper Egypt, with more than 350.000 Inhabitants. To control traffic on the main roads of the city and ensure the safety of pedestrians, the authorities have chosen to deploy a video surveillance system to detect and prevent incidents.

This security system, based on the technology of the Spanish manufacturer Scati, it has professional management tools so that the authorities can know it in real time, as well as access the video recorded by video surveillance cameras.

Specifically,, for total protection of this city have been deployed a hundred IP cameras of different types (bullet, minidomes, PTZ domes, Etc.) at the strategic points of the main roads. Among them are thirty high-speed cameras, PTZ dome type, capable of collecting images in resolution up to 2 Mp, with 32x optical zoom and at a distance of up to 150 meters thanks to its long-range infrared.

blankThe Sid-35115NR-EXY32 model from Scati incorporates WDR functionality to offer images with the best sharpness before lighting contrasts in the scene and not lose any detail of it.

These cameras, that incorporate the 1/2 sensor,8'' Sony Progressive Scan CMOS, provide optimal image quality in low-light environments thanks to high-sensitivity stesensor. They are able to switch to day/night mode automatically thanks to their mechanical filter, supported by its infrared laser.

Centralized recording 24/7 is done through two Scati Fenix network recording platforms, with the capacity to 48 TB of image storage up to 64 IP cameras per computer, with maximum resolution and H.265 compression formats, H.264 and MPEG4.

Centralized management of all cameras is done through the Scati CMS server and, thanks to its scalability, can be added up to 512 cameras and one hundred concurrent customerswithout the need to incur additional expenses. In addition, Scati Fenix features redundant Giga Ethernet power supply and network interface (two RJ-45s) and with the possibility of RAID.

Scati's CCTV systems, like those installed in this city of Egypt, offer a flexible and scalable solution adapted to the growth of urban environments, as it is possible to add more safety devices, without additional costs and as needs grow, as well as integrating with other systems for comprehensive security.

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By • 26 Apr, 2020
• Section: HIGHLIGHTED CASE STUDY, MAIN HIGHLIGHT, Urban security, Video surveillance