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The system will support Microsoft Azure IaaS, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform, reducing server infrastructure and maintenance costs.

Johnson Controls C Cure 9000

Johnson Controls Building Technologies & Solutions announced that its access control and event management platform C•Cure 9000 of Tyco Software House supports IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service).

In this way, customers can take advantage of the benefits of cloud computing with providers such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services And Google Cloud Platform, reducing server infrastructure and maintenance costs by being able to choose from more options.

Apart from modernizing information technologies and managing costs, organizations are starting to approach the cloud from a broader point of view: efficiency and business growth.

As companies identify and migrate application workloads to the cloud, physical security operations increase the availability of the C•Cure application 9000 through redundancy and disaster recovery infrastructure, What, geographically, goes far beyond the limits of physical installation.

“Businesses are moving massively to the cloud to maximize their IT spending, while improving their agility to respond to business needs and market changes”, comments Jason Ouellette, general manager of Enterprise Access & Video Solutions by Building Technologies & Solutions by Johnson Controls.

“Moving infrastructure to the cloud is critical to knowing how to deliver the right type and size of resources for each type of customer to improve their performance and reduce their costs. Customers migrating to the cloud with C•Cure 9000 they can avoid overspending without losing the flexibility to expand resources quickly based on their needs”, add Ouellette.

To help customers seeking cloud deployment support C • Cure 9000, the service offers a wide range of consulting and implementation products, including technical guidance on best practices and system architecture considerations regarding customer-specific cloud strategies.

Cloud solutions are an integral part of the strategic approach of Johnson Controls' Tyco Access Control and Video Solutions unit, along with artificial intelligence, unification and cybersecurity, that form the company's four technological pillars.

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By • 4 Sep, 2019
• Section: Access control, Services