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Type Dome and panoramic view in ultra high definition, DS-2CD6984G0-IH model has been developed for surveillance of large open areas.

Hikvision DS-2CD6984G0-IH panovuCamera PanoVu range of Hikvision they have a new model of 32 MP - DS-2CD6984G0-IH - called, equipped with four ½ progressive-scan CMOS sensors "to offer a panoramic view of 180 ° horizontal, In addition to a field of 95 degrees vertical view, by combining the four video images and generating a perfectly composed new panoramic image.

As points out Frank Zhang, Manager of the Department of marketing of products in Hikvision, "entities with ample outdoor activities require innovative ways to monitor and protect their facilities. Our camera's 32 MP offers some of the most innovative features of panoramic monitor and HD that you will find on the market".

Specifically, the new addition to the range PanoVu of Hikvision offers a maximum resolution of 8.160 × 3.616 pixels, with 32 MP a 30 FPS to ensure preview and playback only.

This device is designed to operate with low illumination, for which integrates four LEDs infrared and continue offering HD widescreen video in low-light environments and even in conditions of 0 luxury, up to a distance of 20 meters.

Hikvision DS-2CD6984G0-IH panovuIt also has different display modes to suit the needs of the area to protect the user.

In addition to the standard view of 32 MP, users can choose to issue a resolution panoramic image of 8 MP to conform better to the requirements of the NVR, as well as providing four independent images of 8 MP from each lens or four divided into panoramic view.

With these features, Hikvision DS-2CD6984G0-IH is a solution of surveillance for large open areas, as stadiums, places, entertainment venues and industrial facilities. A single camera can cover a large space that previously required several device, which reduces the IP channel, In addition to faster hacr, easy and profitable the installation and configuration.

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By • 3 Dec, 2018
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