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The IP range of Optex and Vaelsys V4 video analytics opens the door to the video verification of events generated by sensors, or double detection, real-time, providing complete protection.

Optex and Vaelsys diagram detection

Optex and Vaelsys they have teamed up to expand the possibilities of your solutions. Thus, the sensors have built-in IP Optex Vaelsys V4 product line.

Now, an alarm receiving Center (C.R.A.), upon receiving an alarm from Optex sensor should establish communication with circuit cameras to verify their veracity.

With this integration, any event generated by an Optex sensor can be transmitted to a CRA. along with a video clip. This consists of several seconds of video prior to the event (pre-buffer) and several seconds later (post-buffer).

Vaelsys video analytics engine allows you to add meta-important information, as details and signalling of intrusion, on the video clip to facilitate verification from the CRA.

Thus, Vaelsys solutions enable you to integrate IP devices of Optex with main control systems installed in the alarm receiving Center: including IBS, Manitou, MasterMind, etc..

Based on IP technology, all the configuration and operational can be made from both V4 team in place as a distance.

On the other hand, events of V4 engine can be used in combination with the events generated by Optex sensors to apply different actions based on logical conditions (AND/OR).

The new product of Vaelsys V4 VVO (Video verification Optex), to receive as a source of data to the Optex sensors, applied technology of video analysis as an element of validation of alarms generated by sensors, that it can be filtered or prioritized, eliminating, almost in its entirety, false alarms.

For his part, DD V4 (Double detection) It offers a joint solution that allows the sending of all events generated by a sensor (Verified) or only those on which video analytics has also detected something using the chord logic (Parameters).

In addition to multiply the possibilities of sending alarms, Optex-Vaelsys integration provides an easy way to store video clips associated with events generated by sensors together with a powerful tool of search post events.

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By • 15 Nov, 2018
• Section: Alarms, Detection, Intrusion, Business