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The manufacturer has submitted DS1419dva, the first product's hardware with DVA, and it has built-in advanced video Surveillance Station analysis, among other innovations in their business areas.

Synology DS1419dva surveillance range

The annual event Synology 2019, held yesterday in Madrid, It has served to present the result "of a major investment in innovation to provide more stability and security to our latest developments in storage, backup solutions, connectivity of networks and video surveillance", as has said Marcos de Santiago, Head of product management France & IS Synology.

New products and applications include the DiskStation Manager version 7.0 (DSM 7.0), more stable and intuitive; the unified driver Dual- Active UC300, una solución de copia de seguridad ‘todo en uno’ que proporciona un servicio ininterrumpido a las empresas; Active Backup Suite, licensed free and aimed at the market of enterprise backup, and the first router Mesh MR2200ac, equipped with Synology Router Manager 1.2 (SRM 1.2).

Synology surveillance DVAThe novelty in Synology surveillance is the integration of advanced video analysis function - Deep Video Analysis (DVA), in their known Surveillance Station packages, as well as the DS1419dva system, the first hardware product equipped with DVA and deep learning techniques.

Specifically, DS1419dva, equipped with Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 TI, It offers greater precision in tracking and recognition of people, vehicles and objects in real time thanks to VADVA technology, by centralizing computing resources and investment costs.

The six rules of Synology DS1419dva DVA image recognition include "object detection, motion detection, zone of inactivity, people counting, foreign objects and lost, "that make it ideal for applications in the retail industry, and it provides a wide range of safety for homes", underlined Álvaro González, product manager of Synology in Spain.

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By • 24 Oct, 2018
• Section: Control Systems, Events, Computer Security, CCTV