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The new VMS facilitates control of a wide variety of Hikvision video surveillance devices in centralized and scalable manner.

Hikvision HikCentral

HikCentral is the unified system of video surveillance management evolution of Hikvision VMS 5200, designed for all types of applications and scenarios, It supports a wide range of channels.

Among other functions, HikCentral provides the users the management of images and direct playback; the same intelligent search and alarm management, It is marketed in two versions: a server-based solution and other software, to adapt to any need or infrastructure.

This unified management platform combines video surveillance, license plate reading, point of sale systems (POS) and integration of systems of third parties in a single solution. Also, is a scalable system, for what uses RSM servers, in order to respond both to management from a centralized headquarters, as to each of its delegations.

One of its advantages is its flexibility, Since HikCentral can be used with up to three clients: one for the daily operations (control client); another designed for access through other devices (web client) and remote access in real time, from anywhere (mobile client).

Easy to use thanks to its software and default license, HikCentral is conficura and installs quickly; after which it will automatically detect devices connected in the network; synchronizes the names of cameras, as well as recording devices of surveillance programs.

The system offers backup storage from a single point and multipoint using hybrid SAN and RAID, and is integrated with the technology of Rose Replicator Plus, to provide a high level of reliability and availability.

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By • 4 Sep, 2018
• Section: Control Systems, CCTV