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Christiane Kampling and Hartmut Sprave join Mobotix as Director of marketing and corporate communications and Chief Technology Officer, respectively.

MOBOTIX Hartmut Sprave and Christiane Kampling

Two new professionals have joined the management team of the German of video surveillance systems provider MOBOTIX Since the last month of June, "to achieve steady growth following the success of its restructuring", as the company statement says.

Christiane Kampling is the new head of marketing and corporate communications of Mobotix, after play similar positions at companies in recent years as Covestro, Xchanging Continental Europe, ING Investment Management and Dell, developing the estratecia of B2B and B2C marketing; new models of marketing for SMEs and consumers, as well as business opportunities through collaborations and partnerships, among other tasks.

For his part, Hartmut Sprave, Member of the Board of Directors and new Chief Technology Officer of the technical area of Mobotix, assumes responsibility for hardware, software, product management, management of quality and strategic innovation in the company.

Sprave, Physical training, He has been Vice President of software at Loewe Technologies and responsible for developing software in various national and international venues, and previously, he was co-founder and CTO of MacroSystem Digital Video in the field of digital video technology.

Thomas Lausten, CEO of Mobotix, He expressed his satisfaction for the company having "two experts as Christiane Kampling and Hartmut Sprave. With the boost that this entails for the management team, We are more than prepared for the challenges that lie ahead".

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By • 17 Jul, 2018
• Section: Business