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Three models of facial recognition terminals compose the range of Hikvision, each designed in unique and flexible way for numerous applications.

Hikvision DS-K1T604MF DS-K1T606MF

The new facial recognition terminals of Hikvision they are integrated with learning algorithms deep for access control and office environments, in order to improve security and control of the building operations, as well as the management of template.

The range currently has available three models of facial recognition terminals available, each of them is designed in a way unique and flexible for a variety of applications and scenarios.

Specifically, DS-K1T604MF and DS-K1T606MF models are terminals of facial recognition on the base or wall mount, In addition to what DS-K5603-Z, a component of facial recognition to access lathes.

Hikvision DS-K1T604MF DS-K1T606MF and DS-K5603-ZThe three terminals are easy to install and use. Wall terminal is suitable for quick access to the input. Base and wall mounted terminal can be installed on vertical surfaces or on the desktop.

The facial recognition component is designed for use in conjunction with an installation winches. If it is necessary to, This model can be rotated horizontally to capture facial images in the most effective angle.

Hikvision has several versions available for a wide variety of frontend and backend combinations to satisfy a multitude of scenarios and environments. These terminals support modes of correspondence 1:1 from 1:N, authentication using Mifare cards and connectivity TCP/IP or RS-485.

Hikvision ds-k5603-zHikvision has integrated Deep-Learning algorithms in its facial recognition terminals, providing fewer delays in the transmission and a load in the backend components. Result, the terminals have a high success rate, to the extent that face of capture can achieve a precision of the 99% in less than 0,5 seconds.

During peak hours, access lathes equipped with facial recognition of Hikvision terminals can respond in less than half a second, going up to forty people per minute.

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By • 6 Jul, 2018
• Section: Access control, MAIN FOCUS