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This new high performance Synology NAS, with 12 bays rackmount, It adapts to the growth of enterprises.

Synology RS3618xs

RS3618xs of Synology It is a 2U RackStation NAS Server, with CPU Intel Xeon D-1521 of quad-core and 8 GB de RAM, Expandable up to 64 GB, to respond to the needs of enterprise storage in a scalable manner.

In this sense, four LAN Gigabit Ethernet ports can be extended with NIC's 10 GbE's higher yield through the PCIe slot 3.0, so offers more than 3.900 Sequential read throughput MBps and 143.500 ISCSI random write IOPS.

In addition to native support equipped to twelve disk drives, the storage capacity can be expanded further up to 432 TB when connected to two RX1217 (RP), providing an expansion of volume on the fly. Its ability to offer mass storage on demand makes it ideal as a virtualization solution, centralized file server, destination backup or as an iSCSI storage server.

Synology RS3618xs

Jason Fan, product manager at Synology, He explains that "RS3618xs satisfies the demands of large companies thanks to its integral storage technology, that includes instant capture of data, memory caching SSDS and high-availability storage, keeping data secure and increasing efficiency".

RS3618xs runs on DiskStation Manager, the operating system for Synology NAS devices, It allows to install multiple applications to share files, create and manage copies of data or as a collaboration tool to improve the productivity of work.

Synology RS3618xs

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