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These teams offer filters to detect false alarms, Facial Recognition, people counting and ANPR. They can be implemented reliably in new and existing surveillance systems, providing a sophisticated level of monitoring of incidents or even prior to these alerts.

Hikvision DeepinView

Hikvision has announced the launch of the NVR Deep Learning with the new series of IP DeepinView cameras that offer power and intelligence to optimize the performance of surveillance systems in a wide range of security and management applications.

Hikvision DeepinViewHikvision Deep Learning algorithms have a much deeper than conventional intelligent algorithms programming, that they operate only at surface level. They perform functions of self-learning and provide performance of video content analysis (VAC – Video Content Analytics) very accurate and consistent. Combined with the high speed GPU processing, DeepinView cameras offer a computer faster with large amounts of data.

The critical analytical, as false alarm filters, Facial Recognition, people counting and ANPR, they can be implemented more reliably in new and existing surveillance systems with versatile applications, providing a sophisticated level of monitoring and activation of alarms during incidents or even prior to these alerts.

Deep Learning of Hikvision technology allows DeepinView cameras to detect people while filter objects and movements within a scene where conventional VAC would activate alarms. This is very useful for perimeter protection, where often invested is too much time and resources to locate relevant information and alarms.

Hikvision Deep Learning

Facial recognition

Facial recognition can be deployed in many scenarios security and administration in a variety of applications to alert the operators of the system on the presence of persons of interest. This is accomplished through the modeling of facial images and calculation of similarities.

This technology is becoming a crucial tool against people who enter casinos, Since an individual's identity can be used to alert security guards about the presence of a known offender, allowing security staff denied access. In this manner, fraudulent behaviors can be avoided.

This technology can also be used to prevent the entry of criminals known in sports stadiums or restaurants.

Hikvision DeepinView

People counting

Hikvision DeepinViewIn transportation hubs, retail stores, sports facilities, tourist attractions and parks, the collection and analysis of accurate information about visitors can help companies to improve their profitability and business management.

The analysis of video of people counting (People Counting) You can record the number of people entering and leaving an area in particular. You can check the traffic of customers who enter every day in a tent or controls the number of people that are on a local to ensure that health and safety limits are not being violated, for example in a museum where the crowds will walk.

Management of vehicles

Hikvision DeepinViewYou can implement the analysis of monitoring traffic and automatic license plate recognition (ANPR) to control the movement of vehicles and improve the efficiency of traffic management strategies. The ANPR can be used to identify vehicles with license plates registered and allowed access to public and private auto parking.

Deep Learning Hikvision DeepinView cameras learn the information of the registration within a scene and recognize more registrations than conventional ANPR systems, without the positioning of the camera settings.

Hikvision DeepinViewWhen used in areas with a large population and motorways, the analysis of the DeepinView traffic monitoring functions capture traffic offences as jumping traffic lights, improper driving, bad parking or forbidden sense changes, contributing to the reduction of the risk of accidents and traffic congestion.

“The new range of cameras IP DeepinView combines video data, high processing capacity and the innovative set of intelligent technologies of Hikvision to offer a whole new level in video surveillance applications. With the DeepinView range, analysis of Deep Learning video will transform standard CCTV systems in intelligent systems, incorporating features of alert and automatic detection with HD quality to offer a more efficient surveillance systems management”, says Keen Yao, Vice President International Business Centre of Hikvision.

Hikvision has incorporated the technology Deep Learning in a complete family of products like cameras IP DeepinView, video analysis server and the DeepinMind NVR DeepinMindLas dates of launch of these products will be announced on the website of Hikvision .

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By • 2 Nov, 2017
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