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Management software solutions like Genetec Security Center 5.6 and Milestone XProtect are part of the integration made by the manufacturer with its latest generation of network cameras.

Hanwha Techwin Wisenet X

Composed of twenty-six new cameras and domes H.265, the latest generation of Wisenet X cameras Hanwha Techwin, which incorporates the Wisenet chipset 5, have been integrated with the main VMS on the market, As Genetec Security Center 5.6 And Milestone Xprotect. These devices have a WDR (wide dynamic range) improved and a low-light motorized varifocal lens, to cover everything from bursts of bright sunlight to near total darkness, no need for IR Led or additional lighting.

"A key element of our philosophy 'We move with confidence' is the commitment to ensure that our customers can obtain all the benefits of their investment in a video surveillance system, has pointed out Bob (H.Y.) Hwang, CEO of Hanwha Techwin Europe (pictured)-. Working in partnership with Genetec, Milestone and other VMS vendors, we offer the opportunity for our Wisenet X cameras to be controlled and monitored together with equipment developed by other manufacturers".

Bob Hwang hanwha Techwin europeThe complete range of cameras and video recorders of this manufacturer has also been integrated with the software platform for central alarm receiver Immix CS of SureView, allowing these devices to interact with the receiving station, improving efficiency in video monitoring services.

In addition, the company has achieved the same level of integration with the command center (Cc) Immix, a PSIM software platform (physical security information management) used by companies, institutions and agencies to oversee alarm systems, access control, audio and situational knowledge.

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By • 25 Sep, 2017
• Section: Alarms, Systems control, Services, Video surveillance