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The beta version of this video surveillance solution, now available for download, offers feature of remote recording and integration of POS devices and video archiving, especially useful for application in the retail sector.

Synology surveillance station 8-1 Beta

The manufacturer Synology He has presented the beta version of Synology Surveillance Station 8.1, encouraging security developers to participate in its testing program in order to provide information about its operation to consider it before the official launch of this video surveillance solution.

This beta version, as explained by Ruby Lin, product manager de Synology, incorporates "the function of archiving of remote recording and the integration of POS devices and videos", offering a complete solution for retailers. Also integrated with intercoms (video door entry), and can automatically switch between different levels of security through Geofence, It is also ideal for home security system"

Synology Surveillance Station 8.1 Beta has also introduced the technique of GPU acceleration, which significantly reduces their use and ensures a much smoother video display.

Main Features:

  • Synology surveillance station 8-1 BetaRemote recording file: This feature is designed with to solve the common problems that arise in most stores and branches where storage space is limited. Users can customize the recording time and the type of event to archived at the headquarters of the company using the own central storage, or set the run time for tasks of archiving and control of bandwidth in order to avoid that these tasks affect the normal network activity.
  • POS integration: stores can monitor the transactions that are performed on site by clicking on the corresponding videos, allowing you to quickly resolve any disputes arising in relation to transactions by searching historical records. It is also possible to customize the notifications to be activated when there are unusual transactions or customize them with your application.
  • Integration with the Chambers of the intercom or video door entry: Thanks to this, the user can search historical records at the Surveillance Station 8.1 Beta, as well as enjoy two-way audio and manual access via DS Cam, allowing you to interact with the visitors no matter where you are.
  • Support for HTML5: the user is no longer limited to using Surveillance Station Client or install plug-ins in Internet Explorer and Safari to administer the solution, with this support you can see the videos through Chrome.
  • GPU acceleration: It is now compatible with the version of Windows of Surveillance Station Client. After you upgrade to Surveillance Station 8.1 Beta and enable the GPU option, the user can enjoy higher performance through the built-in graphics card.

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By • 12 Jul, 2017
• Section: Control Systems, CCTV