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Designed to meet the needs of medium and large network security projects, This solution combines the management system of video from the manufacturer with the necessary storage capacity on a physical server and in an integrated manner.

Hikvision Blazer Pro

Blazer Pro is an all-in-one server solution of Hikvision to reliably manage the network of cameras in medium and large facilities in an integrated manner, that in addition to the basic functions of the VMS from the manufacturer of recording, live display, reproduction, alarm management, etc., Add other advanced recognition of registration, POS integration, business intelligence and mobile surveillance, with enough storage capacity of video onto a physical server.

This solution provides up to 256 access and recording channels, as well as recording bandwidth of up to 640 Mbps. Thanks to its double plates and power redundancy design (Server and storage) operating independently, Blazer Pro provides a failsafe backup system so you the functions of recording, Preview and playback keep going.

Hikvision Blaze Pro supports dual display (2×2) and it integrates the automatic feedback of network technology to avoid the loss of video data when the network is disconnected. Also, to ensure the integrity of the data supports the replacement hot HDD with RAID 0, 1, 5 and 10.

Hikvision Blazer Pro

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By • 24 May, 2017
• Section: Control Systems, CCTV