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The manufacturer of thermal cameras for intrusion detection applications has integrated its thermal devices and intelligent controller SightTracker with Videotec Ulisse Compact HD PTZ camera to offer an advanced security solution in real time to detect, track and evaluate intrusion in outdoor.

With the integration of the SightTracker driver for SightLogix the Ulisse Compact HD PTZ camera of Videotec it not only offers a reliable solution combined detection and intrusion, but that has improved from analog devices Videotec support to also control this manufacturer Network PTZ cameras using the Onvif S profile.

When used in conjunction with intelligent thermal cameras SightLogix, customers can detect intruders or evaluate incidents in a way very precise in large areas and instantly check the objectives with HD video of high-quality compact cameras Videotec Ulisse domes.

John Romanowich, President and CEO of SightLogix, ensures that "by integrating our powerful smart camera with camcorder PTZ in Videotec, customers get an impressive detection solution in real time along with vital details that they need to make the best decisions for safety".

As explained this Steering, SightTracker "meet the challenge of an operator trying to manually locate a target outdoors using a PTZ camera".

For this, It uses objective information based on GPS provided by a camera associated SightSensor detection to automatically guide the Ulisse PTZ cameras to the precise location of the detected targets and zoom in for greater detail, without human intervention.

Whites are displayed visually in the video of the customer management system, While your GPS location is presented on a map of topology SightMonitor. The result is a comprehensive solution of intrusion detection providing the 'what' and the 'where' an intrusion to make quick decisions, at the time that captures the event to obtain evidence.

SightLogix and Videotec integrated solution has already been tested successfully, according to the company, as in the case of an oil refinery, where thermal SightSensor fixed cameras provide a detection of long range around the perimeter of this installation, While SightTrackers automatically controls the Videotec Ulisse PTZ cameras with IR Illuminators to illuminate the target.

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By • 29 Sea, 2017
• Section: Access control, Detection, Intrusion, CCTV