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The new version delivers optimized performance and intelligent multiple transmission technology, as well as a number of advanced features which aim to provide a better experience of management.

The version is now available 8.0 video surveillance solution from Synology, Monitoring Station 8.0, offering a new and efficient desktop client, It has multiple intelligent transmission technology and facilitates a simple switching configuration error.

“Monitoring Station 8.0 It is a system of intelligent video surveillance, which allows a flexible implementation and a smoother live viewing experience. This version shows how easy that might get greater control of the security”, says Jonathan Wang, responsible of product of the company.

New functions which includes this update include the Station Client that improves performance and efficiency, allowing you to forget about the limitations of the browser. Thanks to multiple transmission resolution setting is possible either manually or automatically depending on the size of the window or monitor element. Also, It saves on bandwidth consumption to explore multi-channel. It also provides the option to automatically switch to a higher resolution recording when important events occur, What maximizes the utilization of the storage during the recording continues.

With the function of rule of action advanced will get a greater automation of the system of video surveillance. By using the logical operators and multiple events, actions can be activated when you meet one or all of the criteria previously defined.

Users can enable switching by flexible CMS error to enjoy a stable video surveillance with a minimal down time structure, the server requirements more flexible and reduced costs and administration threshold.

This version added new codecs, including H.265 allowing you to make it compatible with more cameras at the same time, reducing bandwidth consumption up to a 25% and providing an experience of faster transmission, both live viewing and recording. It is also compatible with H.264 + optimized hikvision, Smart Stream Zavio and Vivotek.

VS360HD firmware is been updated to allow for easily connecting the VisualStation to your NAS and manage almost all the features of Surveillance Station in VS360HD. Also is supported QuickConnect ID and connections HTTPS for those users can access to this solution of video surveillance from any part of the world.

VisualStation VS360HD serves as a compact monitoring and playing for local teams, without the need for a specific computer. Also, its industrial design makes it suitable for deployment in harsh environments and where space is limited.

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By • 7 Feb, 2017
• Section: Control Systems, CCTV