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These networked devices PoE go 1080 p, version type bullet and dome, They offer resolution of 1. 080p to 30 frames per second, ensuring the identification of people and objects in public spaces and outdoors with changes of temperature and light.

ICA-3250 new cameras (Bullet) and ICA-4250 (house) of Planet Technology, manufacturer that represents Anatronic in Spain, Portugal and Chile, incorporate image sensor CMOS Sony Exmor of ½,8”; lens of 3,6 mm with fixed iris and Infrared Illuminators (AND) with the scope of 25 and 20 meters, respectively, to adapt to changes in lighting and deliver crystal clear images 24/7.

With Full HD resolution 1080 p to 30 FPS, both devices feature a cover IP-66 outdoor and thus operate in harsh environments with temperatures ranging from -10 + 50° c, to offer a reliable video surveillance system, with identification of people and objects, also in large public spaces, as transport stations, hospitals, Gardens, etc..

Both models, PoE-powered and compatible with Onvif, They provide improvements in image processing, with wide dynamic range technology (WDR) and 2-dimensional Noise Reduction (2DNR), to filter the backlight that surrounds an object and eliminate 'noise' in the video signal and offer high image quality at all times.

ICA-3250 and ICA-4250 cameras feature advanced functions for greater flexibility and the ability of management of video surveillance system, such as four configurable areas of mask to protect privacy and external RCA ports to incorporate accessories (speakers and microphones) bi-directional audio solutions.

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By • 17 Jan, 2017
• Section: To fund, CCTV