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M2M connectivity of Gemalto security systems specialist, together with Duodigit modems, Developer of biometric technology, They used an innovative solution for the Internet of Things to monitor ocean dynamics, which has already been implemented in the Port of Açu in Rio de Janeiro, currently the largest in South America.

Port of Brazil

The multinational Gemalto, represented in Spain, Portugal and Chile Anatronic, M2M connectivity has provided an innovative solution to the Internet of Things (Internet of Things – IoT), information system with real-time earthquake and Cinterion M2M modules to monitor waves, current, depth, ocean temperature and salinity in the main Brazilian ports.

Developed by consultant oceanographic HidroMares, this solution that monitors ocean dynamics optimizes safety navigation safety, the efficiency of maritime traffic and productivity of Brazilian ports, which has already been implemented in the Port of Açu in Rio de Janeiro, It located near the currently largest in South America Campos Basin oil platform and.

Gemalto CinterionThe telemetry system benefits Quake modems Duodigit, biometric technology specialist, to collect data from sensors deployed buoys, the docks and the ocean floor Brazilian ports.

These modems use the Gemalto Java Cinterion M2M modules to process and send information over wireless networks and the Internet to a server backend. The port workers have an intuitive intuitive interface (GUI) and can use this data to enhance the speed and efficiency in decision-making and, therefore, increase the safety of maritime traffic.

He explains Alexandre De Caroli, technical director HidroMares: "Sampling oceanographic data is performed in an extremely hostile environment, requiring durability of the components during installation and maintenance processes. The streaming demand a robust system that works reliably 365 days a year. Duodigit and Gemalto have collaborated to provide a solution that overcomes these stringent requirements ".

Gemalto Cinterion AnatronicPrecisely, the difficult environment for reliable and effective communications with the seaport has been one of the challenges in this project. Luis Henrique Bernardes Correa, director técnico de Duodigit, "I had to design an economical solution that ensures communication and Gemalto Java embedded module provides the durability required, with processing power to analyze and store information on the device. This solution allows efficient communication when needed, essential to preserve the battery in an environment like the harbor ".

For his part, Rodrigo Serna, Latin America president Gemalto, He adds that "optimize the logistics supply chain and improve the productivity of distribution systems is essential in every aspect of the global economy and reducing the environmental impact. Solutions like HidroMares, in collaboration with Duodigit, They help increase the efficiency of maritime logistics in South America ".

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By • 22 Jul, 2015
• Section: Case Studies, Communications, Control Systems, Detection, Infrastructure, Services