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To this end,, the manufacturer went to Security Essen 2016 with a solution, which he has developed in collaboration with Konica Minolta, for efficient perimetric protection with reliable alarm management. Also in its stand could be seen complete plug systems&Play, third-party integration solutions and a new version of MxManagementCenter video management software 1.3.

Mobotix security Essen 2016

To the last edition of the fair Security Essen, which was held at the end of September, Mobotix came to present its innovations in the field of IP video technology. Tailor-made solutions with added value for retail, traffic and transport services, industry and logistics were targets of their stand.

Visitors were able to see a new solution for efficient perimeter protection with reliable alarm management, mobotix's solution in collaboration with Konica Minolta. Complete plug-in systems&Play, integration solutions with market-leading partners, as well as a version of MxManagementCenter video management software 1.3 easier to use were other new features presented.

Mobotix IP SolutionsIn order to offer the best possible perimeter protection, Mobotix has developed a new safety concept that matches its thermal and video technology with the 3D laser scanner (3D-LiDAR) by Konica Minolta.

This combination allows you to better evaluate an event by automatically analyzing data. Not just with the movement in the image, but also by the defined distance of object size and temperature it is possible to limit events optimally and represent them in three dimensions.

By integrating point-of-sale terminals (Pos), as well as analyzing data and images with the camera, Mobotix showed a retail solution at the fair that provides valuable additional information on cash processes.

With the help of thermal radiometry and event logic, Mobotix also demonstrated how industry processes and infrastructures where temperature is a critical factor can be reliably monitored, while preventing potential dangers. Hemispheric camera technology, decentralized recording, event logic and robust design are distinctive aspects.

MxMC video management 1.3

Mobotix security Essen 2016In the MxMC version 1.3, Mobotix has created a new toolbar with tree structure that allows for clear distribution and easy navigation between cameras and views, as well as the ability to select the cameras and groups of cameras you want and mark them as favorites. In addition, this release stands out for better performance on both Windows and Mac OS X devices.

At its booth, new solutions developed with various partners were also presented. MxDigitizer allows you to integrate analog cameras into a Mobotix system. In addition to analog conversion into a digital signal, it also offers decentralized features such as MxActivitySensor, in-house storage and event logic.

"With MxPEG's 'seamless' integration into MxPEG's Security Center video management platform Genetec, both we and our partners open ourselves to new possibilities", comments Tristan Haage, Mobotix AG Sales Director, about his technology partnership with Genetec. In this way, both large companies with multiple and medium-sized locations can integrate their security projects into a platform with an open system architecture.

Plug solutions&Play

Moreover, Mobotix has developed two plug solutions&play that allow you to get your system up and running quickly and easily.

On the one hand, NAS camera system, and on the other hand, the complete set of preconfigured IP video for the gateway. Preconfiguration is compatible with standard applications of a security video installation or with the IP video intercom. On the NAS camera system, uses networked storage systems from other technology partners.

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By • 18 Oct, 2016
• Section: Alarms, Detection, Events, Video surveillance