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You already have installed 66 Canon cameras, 14 VB-H630D and 52 VB-H730F, and plans to expand this IP security platform in the coming years, as the migration project of your old analog to IP solution progresses.

Victoria and Albert Museum

The Victoria and Albert (Ⅴ&To) is one of london's most iconic museums and the world's largest in art and design, With 145 Galleries, distributed in more than 50.000 square meters, in which he has exhibited treasures from the world of art and design of great value.

Canon VB-H630DAmong his most recent exhibitions stands out 'Bejewelled Treasures', about Indian jewelry and the first exhibition protected by surveillance video cameras Canon. To admire these jewels, we opted for an individual lighting of each piece in a dark room environment. That is why cameras capable of capturing images in exceptionally low and difficult light conditions were necessary.. After this initiative, the V&A plans to install more Canon cameras across the museum, within three years, including areas closed to the public, the periphery and the roof.

The Victoria and Albert Museum needed a solution capable of ensuring the safety of visitors, in addition to the works exhibited. To secure the environment, he opted for Canon video surveillance cameras.

Canon VB-H730F"Our old analog system was unable to deliver the high-definition surveillance we need., that's why we decided to switch to an IP system. In the test we performed with only three cameras on the roof, Canon models offered a big improvement in terms of image quality. We will now continue to investigate the potential of integrated camera analytics and VMS solutions from Wavestore, because we are interested in knowing, For example, how many people visit an exhibition and how they move around the gallery with a view to improving the visitor experience", comments Erik Vieira, Senior Security Manager of the V&To.

The museum, that you already have installed 66 Canon cameras, 14 VB-H630D and 52 VB-H730F, plans to expand this number exponentially in the coming years, as the project progresses.

The VB-H630D and VB-H730F models used so far stand out for visually covering very large areas, thanks to the wide-angle lens of its cameras. In fact, the museum has already started saving money with Canon, as you now need fewer cameras to cover the same area. So much so that the team plans to reduce the number of cameras in a 25% without losing visibility throughout the museum.

Victoria and Albert Museum

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By • 27 Jun, 2016
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