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On the basis of the technology of Milestone Systems, It will focus its objectives to meet the demand of large companies in all matters relating to the storage of video in the cloud (Video Cloud IoT).

Lars Nordenlund, CEO ArcusGlobal arcus It is the new video in the cloud storage services company (Video Cloud IoT) for global companies of Canon Europe. California-based, intellectual property has, the company's experience and technologies Milestone Systems.

"We are very proud to provide the technology and expertise to Global Arcus used since its creation. This spin-off will allow us to maintain the leadership position in video in the cloud management solutions, where we continue to increase our investments", explains Lars Thinggaard, president and CEO of Milestone Systems.

Global arcus has been created to meet the demand of large companies in all matters relating to the storage of video in the cloud, as a business and security optimization service.

"We are really pleased today to introduce our new company and launch the video in the cloud storage service (Video Cloud IoT), that currently is it is offering to the market of global companies. Thanks to the use of the strengths of Milestone Systems, We have a clear competitive advantage, What joins the agreements with global leaders in the public cloud and the treatment of information technology infrastructure (TI)”, says Lars Nordenlund Friis, CEO of Global Arcus.

The new company will focus on a potential market estimated between 10.000 and 20.000 million (between some 8.930 and 17.860 million) in 2021, According to data of ABI Research.

"We believe that network video surveillance solutions" (NVS) they are a fundamental pillar of the future growth of Canon and we have taken a series of important steps in this field, with the acquisitions of Milestone Systems and Axis Communications. Our investment in Global Arcus demonstrates our commitment and strategy, aimed to enhance our position in this rapidly growing market", explains Rokus van Iperen, President and CEO of Canon Europe, Middle East and Africa.

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By • 6 Jul, 2017
• Section: Business, Computer Security, Services, CCTV