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Thermal cameras able to operate in absolute temperatures between -40 and +550 °C; devices in affordable and high performance with variant Hemispheric and Moonlight technology network of inside of 6 megapixel, they are some of the innovations that the manufacturer shows in full operation during the event.


Show professionals in a practical way and operational advantages that offer new functions and technologies incorporated into their new network cameras focus the participation of MOBOTIX in its exhibition space in SICUR 2016, (pavilion 10 -C08), together with the software MxManagementCenter (MxMC) to manage hundreds of cameras and users.

In addition to the new model p25, with 6 MP is able to control any situation in inland areas and offer an optimal light sensitivity, along with the models in this affordable range of interior of high-performance network cameras, I25 and c25, with variant Hemispheric, thermal technology is one of the main protagonists in this contest.

MOBOTIX SICUR 2016Specifically, MOBOTIX shows its new systems equipped with an innovative thermal measurement technology to run absolute temperature-based automatic events, between -40 and +550 °C, What is especially useful for generating automatic alarms defined by boundaries or temperature ranges, something crucial in detecting possible fire or sources of heat in large areas.

Another proposal of the manufacturer focuses on the advantages of its Moonlight technology of 6 MP, developed to capture moving colour images unless they come out blurry, even with light levels of 0,5 lux color, and to 0,1 Lux in monochrome mode, with sharp images of objects in motion in a space almost to dark and undetectable to the human eye.

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By • 25 Feb, 2016
• Section: Events, Training, Business, CCTV