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Networked video surveillance systems manufacturer has begun a tour of several cities in Spain to offer training on technology and VMS for free to all its partners.

Mobotix MxMC

On the occasion of the availability of the latest version of the MxMC software platform 1.1.1 (MxManagementCenter), with numerous enhanced features, MOBOTIX It has organized a tour that will travel to several Spanish cities so that all its partners can know the technological advantages of the first complete version of the VMS, free download (more information Digital Security Magazine).

In this training session, free, one-day, Mobotix partners had the opportunity to take advantage of the enhanced functions, as the export of recordings directly from the file server, which allows significantly higher data transmission speeds; notification of alarms improved thanks to a new button; display of alarm notifications in events bar or the distortion correction function.

The cities that Mobotix taught these sessions are:

  • Murcia, Tuesday 9 February.
  • Granada, Wednesday 10 February.
  • Seville, Thursday 11 February.
  • Vigo, Tuesday 1 March.
  • Vitoria, Wednesday 2 March.
  • Palma de Mallorca, Friday 4 March.

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By • 5 Feb, 2016
• Section: Control Systems, Events, Training, Services, CCTV