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The technology company Delta Informatics has developed this innovative system that increases safety and the quickly in recognising these false or stolen documents, the smuggling has increased significantly, that it will present at SICUR 2016 in Madrid.

Delta Informatics SmartCam Delta ID

The smuggling of stolen passports and identity documents has currently become a growing problem for information services. De facto, Spain represents a quarter of false documents.

In this context, Delta Informatics, specializing in the development and marketing of capture and automatic document recognition solutions, It has developed the SmartCam, compatible with own Delta ID recognition software, which recognizes more than fifty types of identity and passports from more of 150 nationalities.

SmartCam Delta ID combines the screenshot with reading RFID to increase reliability and security in recognition of such documents. It's a photographic scanner to model, In addition to acquiring the image of the identity card with white light, It has infrared and ultraviolet light image capture.

Thanks to this technology, This system is capable of automatically identifying safety marks in the identity documents and passports. For this, It has a proximity chip reader (RFID) compatible with the standard for electronic passport ICAO9303 and the new Spanish DNI 3.0.

Delta ID software integrated in the system compares the information printed in the document and obtained through the image with biometric information encoded in the chip, detecting possible alterations in the photograph or the data. The automatic recognition of data streamlines the management of accreditations, Access control, check-in processes or high-customers.

Delta Informatics will present SmartCam Edition 2016 International Security Exhibition (SICUR), held from 23 to the 26 February at Ifema - Feria de Madrid, together with other access control and security solutions.

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By • 3 Feb, 2016
• Section: Access control, Detection, Events, Services