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Security systems, protection and communication that the company introduced at the fair looking to provide intelligence to help the user achieve maximum effectiveness and efficiency. In the environment of video surveillance, Starlight cameras 9000 FX and the Panoramic Flexidome IP 7000 MP were the major players.

Bosch SICUR 2016

During the last edition of SICUR 2016, last Friday closed its doors in IFEMA, Bosch Security Systems He showed how to get the maximum potential projects through connected intelligent solutions. Visitors witnessed the way a greater usability to high resolution images, get more quick reactions by teams before an event or control a whole system from anywhere.

Solutions that could be in your stand among Commercial SeriesTriTech + motion detectors, with anti-masking, designed to ensure a level of reliable detection and immunity to false alarms in commercial applications. The detectors use a combination of detection technology passive infrared (PIR) Doppler radar in microwave with advanced signal processing and.

Avenar fire detector 4000 (FAP-425-DOTC-R), It was one of the novelties presented by Bosch, It provides robustness against electromagnetic pollution and also provides information about critical environmental perturbations in the installation the installer. The smog function allows the system integrator to identify and resolve critical situations more quickly.

Bosch SICUR 2016

In the environment of video surveillance, Starlight cameras 9000 FX and the Panoramic Flexidome IP 7000 MP were the major players.

The Starlight 9000 FX is a high-performance smart surveillance intended for explosive environments fixed camera. Professional quality images platform uses the latest technology in intelligent image and video stream and is capable of providing a resolucion720p50/60 HD in environments with extreme environmental conditions. It holds the main international certifications of explosion protection, to ensure a safe use in almost any region of the world. Also, It meets the standards of the sector as type 6 p & IP68 ratings.

The camera gives you the confidence to ensure a workplace protected while maintaining image quality in the more volatile locations in the world.

For his part, the Flexidome IP Panoramic 7000 MP is a discreet and aesthetic design flat camera for indoor use. The sensor 12 MP that works to 30 IPS provides a comprehensive panoramic surveillance with a full coverage area, precise details and high speeds.

Bosch SICUR 2016

The camera allows you to keep the attention on the scene and provides simultaneous E-PTZ view in high resolution. The model 360 ° NIN-70122-F0A, When mounted is centrally on the roof, It allows to obtain a full coverage of wall to wall.
It is also noteworthy the Dinion IP Starlight camera 8000 MP, with their 5 megapixel camera offers a quality video during the 24 hours a day regardless of the lighting, time or movement of objects.

Another distinguishing feature is the Intelligent analysis of integrated Video (VAT), as well as the intelligent system of dynamic reduction of the noise of image (IDNR) to reduce costs of storage and use of network.

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By • 29 Feb, 2016
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