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Equipped with ultra-WDR technology (148 Db) And 2 Mp, Hikvision's LightFighter IP camera series is designed for brightly lit or high contrast environments, like shopping malls, banking and transport.

Hikvision LightFighter series

Models from the LightFighter range of cameras Hikvision are able to capture high-quality images in environments where there is an intense light source. This is made possible by WDR technology (140 Db) that incorporate that gives them optimal visibility in brightly lit or high-contrast environments. Also, they also have a set of progressive exploration CMOS chips that is responsible for getting the most out of ultra-WDR technology and 2 Real-time resolution MP simultaneously.

The LightFighter family consists of seven models: a Smart IP Box team, two outdoor bullets, two domes also outdoors and two other PTZ domes with 36x zoom. All of them offer Full HD resolution (1920×1080) To 60 fps and have the ability to capture low-light images for nighttime surveillance.

The key element of these Hikvision equipment is the WDR system that allows cameras to record in greater detail, even when the light intensity constantly varys, in cases where the backlight is too dark to change and become very bright.

LightFighter cameras are especially suitable for situations of intense backlighting and for locating them pointing towards windows and entrance doors. The Smart feature set 2.0 including them allows them to detect any objects moving in their field of action, as well as identifying faces.

Together with the Hikvision Smart NVR and iVMS-5200 Professional video management software, these solutions meet the video surveillance requirements of the commercial and industrial sector, transport and banking.

LightFighter family

The DS-2CD4025FWD-(To)(Q) it's a Smart IP Box camera camera that incorporates auto focus and P-Iris function; while the DS-2CD4A25FWD-IZ(H)(S) is an outdoor bullet equipment that has a variable focal length lens motorized with Smart Focus, infrared up to 100 Meters, Smart Heating input/output, for both alarm and audio. The other model offered in the same format is the DS-2CD4625FWD-IZ(H)(S), an anti-vandal system, IP66, infrared up to 150 Meters.

The LightFighter range also includes two outdoor dome cameras: The DS-2CD4525FWD-IZ(H) features an IR cutting filter with magnetic detector, Smart Heating, and an IR range of up to 50 Meters, while the DS-2CD4125FWD-IZ has a slightly lower IR range of up to 30 Meters.

Two PTZ 36X dome network cameras complete the LightFighter series, DS-2DF6236V-MTD and DS-2DF8236IV-AEL. Both are equipped with a CMOS HD sensor 1/3 Inch, 1920 Full HD resolution×1080, 36X optical zoom, Smart Tracking and Detection. In addition, both models have vandal-proof IK10 housings. The DS-2DF8236IV-AEL features a long-range IR, capable of remote detection and tracking of up to 200 Meters.

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By • 25 Jun, 2015
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