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Euroma Telecom, distributor in Spain of signature Camtronics, has been added to its portfolio the new digital video recorder (DVR) 82H, improves recording quality by two entries in Full HD quality in addition to the 8 conventional.

Euroma Telecom, as representative of the company Camtronics, has launched the new DVR 8 Tickets + 2 HD 82H model, offering better recording quality thanks to 2 Entries in Full HD in addition to the 8 conventional. The new technology enables HD CCTV HD and Full HD images using a conventional coaxial cable, without having to make major changes in the facilities, without having to jump to IP technologies that entails. Using the HD-SDI connection you can enjoy HD images as heretofore never been seen in the world of security, enabling a complete identification, without annoying pixel effect 'mosaic'.

Because the cameras are more expensive than conventional, systems' hybrid’ combining standard inputs with HD inputs, allow those placed at critical points (Stores, reception, garages…) having a higher resolution in areas that really matter; getting a professional security system, but without large outlays.

The DVR 82H is a new step in the digital video recording in the highest resolution. The equipment incorporates 8 video inputs with high resolution D1 (720 X 576) real-time, but also a special input for analog cameras with Full HD resolution up 1920 X 1080 p. In this HD video input must use HD SDI cameras, latest technology cameras that allow for coaxial cable to send images over 1 without resorting megapixel cameras IP. Its HDMI output allows the video display monitors perform with art (Automatic switching monitors 16:9).

You have 8 alarm inputs to link with other alarm devices. It has watermark to verify the non-manipulation of images recorded. Features of a free software (PC and MAC) central monitoring of multiple units of recording, where we can control alarms, recordings that have been made and the camera viewing. There are also free mobile application for viewing from mobile devices. Supplied with a capacity of 1 Tb can be expanded to 4 Terabytes. It has two USB ports and the ability to make DVD backups. Its dimensions are 442 X 92 X 438 mm.

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By • 7 Nov, 2012
• Section: General, Computer Security