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Lilin Z series, composed of six models of inside and outside to offer a complete solution for video surveillance is required where a controlled application that is easy to configure and install, offers images of 1. 080p and to 3 megapixel.

Lilin series Z

Candle It has structured the Z series in six models, two vandal: ZD6122EX3 and ZR6122EX3, the latter with go up to 25 meters; the ZG123X system of 3 megapixel; the model ZR7428X type bullet from outside, with IR 45 meters, and two interior minidomos: ZD2322EX and ZR2322X (also with IR up to 25 meters).

Among their common characteristics, This range is equipped with a sensor of 1. 080p and 2 megapixel (except the model ZG123X) to operate at a speed of up to 30 FPS; auto remote zoom and focus; alarm by manipulation of the camera, varifocal lens 3-10,5 mm. (less in the camera ZG), and PoE power.

Lilin ZR7428XParticularly suitable for applications in the transport sector, the Z series is designed and manufactured with digital circuits of last generation and performance improved for easy management from the control centre without the need for expensive infrastructure maintenance.

New cameras make Sense Up + technology, Intelligent image signal processing, AGC control and 3D noise reduction, what contributes to a high image quality in low light conditions and without blurring in motion. Also, They feature Wide technology dynamic to capture light and shadow simultaneously eliminating the pixelation and backlighting.

Lilin series Z complies with the standard IK10 and IP66/67 to withstand adverse environmental conditions and resistance. All models feature the company free CMX software.

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By • 25 May, 2015
• Section: To fund, CCTV