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Three hundred units of Lilin's IPC0122 hidden camera, along with 150 network recorders from this same manufacturer make up the installation carried out in a bank in Taiwan to guarantee security in its ATM network.

Lilin IPC0122 cashier

Robberies, Fraud, attacks and vandalism at ATMs (ATM) and bank branches are becoming more frequent in recent years. Security in these facilities is proving to be a real challenge, as they face threats ranging from physical attacks to scams.

In this sense, a well-known bank in Taiwan, established in this country since 1986, has taken the decision to implement video surveillance solutions to protect its network of ATMs and branches distributed throughout the island, which has entrusted the Taiwanese manufacturer Lilin.

Lilin cashierThe project has consisted of a complete remodeling of its security system in its eighteen offices and the installation in its more than 150 Three hundred units of Lilin's IPC0122 hidden camera ATMs, offering 1,080p real-time multitouch of four independent network channels, while the recording system relies on 150 systems of the model NVR104 of this manufacturer.

Recording systems have been embedded in ATMs, that have a cover to hide the video surveillance cameras and effectively track the entire ATM infrastructure of the bank 24×7 in real time.

Lilin solution ATMs

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By • 13 Sea, 2015
• Section: Case studies, MAIN HIGHLIGHT, Urban security, Video surveillance