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Hikvision's Turbo HD technology solution enables customers with analog CCTV to get Full HD resolution images from their video surveillance cameras without changing cabling.

Hikvision Turbo HDIn order to facilitate the migration of analogue security systems to a digital one, Hikvision has developed Turbo HD technology, that allows customers with analog cameras to get Full HD images without changing the wiring of their facilities.
Turbo HD technology delivers 1,080p lag-free video image transmission via coaxial cable up to 500 Meters, with support for analog cameras that a customer may have, as well as Hikvision's network video surveillance devices and HDTVI standard.

In this sense, Hikvision's Turbo HD product range is based on the open HDTVI standard (High Definition Transport Video Interface), especially indicated to facilitate migration and update existing analogue systems that customers have offering resolutions of up to 1,080p. The company has bullet cameras, mini domes, PTZ domes, varifocals, vandal-free, Etc. with this built-in technology.

The same, This manufacturer's DVRs integrate Turbo HD to offer simultaneous connectivity to network and analog cameras, automatically detecting the signal and recording it by reusing all existing wiring in the facility.

As far as installation and management are concerned,, Turbo HD technology allows control of OSD and PTZ menu (through the coaxial cable, with up to 500 meters away), as well as remote configuration of the devices.

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By • 18 Dec, 2014
• Section: Deep down, Systems control, Video surveillance