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Sharp and SharpX are Genetec's new license plate recognition cameras that can be deployed in fixed installations or moving vehicles. Equipment that can be connected to video surveillance solutions, access control and video streams.

Genetec Sharp

Genetec has released the new generation of cameras for license plate recognition (Lpr) based on AutoVu system IP networks. These are Sharp and SharpX models that are able to identify license plates for a wide variety of vehicles, from different countries, and that have been designed for integration into fixed facilities and for placing them inside vehicles.

The Sharp camera provides sophisticated analytics on the periphery and communicates over any wireless network or via cables. Combines high resolution, independent context camera and in-vehicle processing.

Genetec SharpThis device allows you to extend your LPR coverage to areas with limited network connectivity, combining the camera, processing and transmission equipment in a rugged equipment. It can also be easily mobilized from one vehicle to another for mobile applications, increasing operational time per camera. In addition, is able to detect and analyze license plates along two lanes of traffic.

Built according to IP67 standard, this camera has a sealed housing that protects it from inclement weather. LPR reads and results can be bound to access control credentials and video streams, increasing the information provided to operators through a single unified interface.

Genetec SharpXThe SharpX provides accurate board reading in all types of situations, including at high speeds, difficult angles, night lighting and extreme atmospheric conditions. A computer that provides XGA+ resolution and allows reading along three traffic routes in mobile applications being able to capture and analyze up to a thousand maculas per minute.

With this camera it is possible to cross-reference license plate readings with video surveillance files through Genetec's unified Security Center security platform.

SharpX harnesses processing power to offer new configuration options. Up to four high-resolution camera units can be deployed in a single processing unit, reducing equipment costs and simplifying installation and maintenance.

Mobile users can reach nearly 360 degrees of LPR coverage, to capture more plates located around the vehicle. The SharpX is also available in a portable mobile kit, containing up to four cameras, a pre-wired processing unit and all the necessary cables, allowing YOU to move LPR equipment from one vehicle to another as needed.

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By • 12 Dec, 2014
• Section: Access control, Systems control, Detection, Urban security, Video surveillance