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For the third consecutive year, the-mock rescue exercise that takes place in Majorca's Wall has had the megapixel IP video surveillance technology Mobotix, Group TTCS and Niceware, in collaboration with the security area of ​​beaches in the town council.

MOBOTIX and TTCS mock beach wall

The manufacturer of network video surveillance systems MOBOTIX, in collaboration with the Mallorcan installer TTCS ICT and business Niceware, they have for the third year their technology and security expertise for the exercise-rescue drill conducted by the Area Security Coordination Playas del Ayuntamiento de Muro (Majorca) on beaches.

This time, local company to install and maintain security cameras TTCS, in collaboration with expert systems Niceware, fourteen have installed video surveillance IP cameras with high resolution MOBOTIX, monitored from a tent as a control center through four large screens.

TTCS and Mobotix mock beach wallFrom this tent, were all captured live images collected by the cameras of the actions taken during the drill, that have been stored for later analysis and evaluation of the performance of the different teams and the correct application of the protocols.

Besides serving as a dress rehearsal for any incident occurring in this area, This multiple simulation aims to enable participants to assess their performance and improve the weak points of the post to improve the safety of the beaches of Muro.

MOBOTIX mock beach wallMultiple drill engraved by Mobotix IP cameras has been to rescue first two alleged serious injuries that had fallen into the water to disengage the parachute dragging a boat, a regular attraction at many beaches.

As he came to the rescue and resuscitation of the two injured, featured a fictional plague of jellyfish on the shore. After checking if it was protected copies, responsible team proceeds to transfer the right place. Later the drill continued with another course bather, to 150 meters from the beach, was struggling to return and pretended watercraft going in their search had failed, so the rescue had to make swimming.

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By • 8 Nov, 2013
• Section: Alarms, Case Studies, Communications, Control Systems, Detection, Training, Networks, Urban Security, CCTV