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Lilin's VD022 set-top box now incorporates Virtual Matrix functionality for viewing digital video networks and recorders from a remote location.

Lilin VD022The network security manufacturer Lilin has incorporated virtual matrix functionality into its HD VD022 decoder, allowing you to view digital video networks and recorders from a remote location.

This simple visualization solution for video surveillance applications provides live and real-time remote images at an affordable price.

The VD022 HD set-top box allows users to view their sixteen-channel NVR/DVR digital recorder and Lilin HD IP cameras by simply adding the device to their security system, connecting it to an HDMI monitor.

Lilin Virtual Matrix

This device decodes full HD video (1.080Q) up to 30 Fps. The Virtual Matrix feature can be managed by remote IR control, Keyboard, Web or touch monitor, and also offers the possibility to play from the NVR/DVR system.

In addition to the virtual matrix, the VD022 decoder intelligently completes the security system and the ability to expand IP devices, because it is possible to connect up to 255 network video surveillance cameras.

In this sense, the user can connect one to four cameras with split view into four window and add more HD decoders to their IP system, if that's what's required, to view camera images on a monitor in real time and remotely to have numerous viewing locations.

Lilin Virtual Matrix

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By • 19 Jul, 2013
• Section: Communications, Systems control, Video surveillance