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The manufacturer of IP video solutions and traditional CCTV for business customers, CANDLE, continues to improve and develop its Central Management System software (CMX) free, offering the end user a video management solution that, compared to traditional analog solutions, has the advantage of easy installation.

The manufacturer of IP video solutions, CANDLE, It has launched a new free version of advanced recording CMX software, version, that lands on the market with new features such as applications for TV Wall of up to 6 monitors, viewing and recording of up to 72 channels to 1080 p with dual monitor and RAID mass storage of recordings.

LILIN software is free, therefore its functions not extras require charge license by camera or payments for advanced features such as face detection, detection of audio or detection anti-tamper or tampering. With respect to the most significant developments, highlights the dual Stream decoding of up to 72 1080 p channels in real time for all the details to higher possible resolution Full-HD recording, and at the same time viewing h.264 with 480 p for all cameras. Easy to use display and playback both local and multi-channel remote allows you to make a virtual matrix to display and remote playback of all your cameras and display it in 6 monitors, In addition to the management with keyboard control dedicated applications for TV Wall and massive video recording files storage RAID.

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By • 14 Nov, 2012
• Section: Computer Security