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Synology, company dedicated to developing products storage, has become a member of ONVIF (Forum Open Network Video Interface), an open industry forum that aims to develop a global standard for the interface of network video products.

Synology, professional solutions provider of IP-based video surveillance that combine the functionality of technologies and NAS NVR, has announced that it has earned the status of full member of the Open Forum Network Video Interface (ONVIF – del inglés Open Network Video Interface Forum) to support the continued development of devices and software network video over IP open.

Chad Chiang, product manager de Synology, He said that "by adopting the global standard ONVIF, Synology users will benefit from a seamless integration that has a high level of flexibility and freedom of choice while ensuring interoperability between Synology products and other compatible devices IP surveillance also meet the ONVIF standard ". Also, system integrators, installers and developers can experience a unification of network monitoring without discomfort and remove extra integration.

"Synology is the only provider dedicated to backup NVR and video among all full members of ONVIF. Actively participate in the work of the forum, and users can expect Synology succeeds in establishing a gold standard for IP camera NVR and integration in the near future ", Chiang has added.

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By • 18 Jul, 2012
• Section: Business