The CIPCAMPTIWL wireless IP camera is the new solution in the Conceptronic Networking collection, brand specialized in mobility and connectivity solutions for the consumer goods and SMEs market, an easy system, complete and affordable to monitor homes and offices from a computer or Smartphone.

blankConceptronic commitment to a wireless video surveillance system with the new CIPCAMPTIWL wireless IP camera. Designed to monitor the home or office, this solution is perfect for video surveillance 24 hours from anywhere. Connecting the camera to a wireless router, all recorded images can be accessed in real time from any desktop/laptop or smartphone, via the Internet or local network. It has a user manual that describes the process of downloading applications for Android and Blackberry; and in the case of the iPhone, the user must use the Safari browser and enter the camera's IP or DDNS.

Includes wireless connection to 54 Mbps and free-to-use software to record and play back up to 64 Cameras. Its features allow you to monitor different spaces such as, For example, one room, the living room, the office, reception, Etc. Incorporates infrared LEDs for surveillance in the dark, and also allows you to record every corner of the area thanks to its mobility "Pan & Tilt".

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By • 5 Jul, 2012
• Section: Video surveillance