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The manufacturer of IP video solutions and traditional CCTV for business customers, Candle, continuing to add new IP mini-dome to its product line, including the most advanced technologies and applications for the detection, highlighting among other Sense-up Plus, that can recognize a scene with the very best sharpen without IR illumination bullet.

Candle has introduced its new series of mini-dome IP fixed lens of IPD2220 Series, incorporating the latest technologies in megapixel cameras on the market offering the highest image quality, with Full HD CMOS sensor 2 megapixel, to get the most performance for video analysis applications brand. The light sensitivity of these new models is very large due to the Sense-up technology Plus, providing the highest quality image without natural or artificial light. Also, is compatible with ONVIF standard to ensure interoperability with other software on the market.

These new models of mini-dome cameras are indoor models, offering an ergonomic and discrete design for discreet installations indoors or in vehicles such as buses which is very important not to break the aesthetics of it. Also, they incorporate audio, I / O ports and provide resolutions D1 / CIF / 720P (HDTV) and 1080 p (FULL-HD) sensor based on a high quality image and an average of seven inch. You can manage with different resolutions 4 multi-profiles in-camera, which can be configured with different resolution, quality and frames for different purposes such as displaying locally on D1, record in high quality 1080P, display for smartphones in low quality and the last profile send Alamas receiving low quality images for video verification.

They are marketed with two lens options, in both cases with iris control. Models with wide angle lens offers an angle of view of more than 89 degrees, allowing broader coverage areas. All IPD2220 cameras installed quickly and easily and incorporate local focus and zoom to adjust better to the needs of customer, and bitrate control to ensure optimal transmission of the images according to the network capacity that we have.

Power over Ethernet

As the majority of IP devices Lilin, new fixed domes using the Power over Ethernet standard models even resistant to direct jets of water and capable of operating in extreme temperatures, besides incorporating the infrared illumination, and only need one cable for power supply and data transmission.

IR models offer capabilities incorporate infrared illumination LED technology for high efficiency and long life, minimizing heat dissipation. To adjust the angle and intensity of illumination, to provide easy optimized to the characteristics of the scene illumination setting and. This results in video images high quality and low noise areas in complete darkness.

They also support advanced alarm function for IP cameras iMegapro Lilin to provide easy detection and analytical capabilities, tampering (sabotage), audio and video image sensor. Besides functions ePTZ, 3D noise reducer and 2D WDR function improves image problematic conditions. These new mini-dome IP include integrated high-sensitivity microphone that allows you to listen and record everything that the camera captures in the environment.

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By • 24 Apr, 2012
• Section: General