Axis Q1656-DLE Radar-Video Fusion Camera

Q1656-DLE Radar-Video Fusion Camera Axis Communications Features an advanced object classification system, Based on deep learning, thanks to the fusion of video and radar technologies, for detection 24/7 and protection of large areas against intrusions.

This device offers advanced capabilities of the cAxis Q-Series Ambers, with excellent image usability and integrated radar, thanks to which the camera can detecting objects in large areas, regardless of visibility, as well as Visualize speed and distance of moving objects directly in the application view.

Axis Q1656-DLE Radar-Video Fusion Camera thus offers improved scene intelligence, combined with the Forensic value of video. In addition, Allows you to configure events triggered by suspicious behavior based on speed and classification, like people running and cars moving slowly.

The radar can also be used separately to guide a standalone PTZ camera. In addition, How radar "sees" in the dark, It is also possible configure triggers to start up bulbs, infrared lights or façade lights only when necessary, to invest less effort and save on the electricity bill.

Rugged and weather-ready, Q1656-DLE Radar-Video Fusion Camera incorporates Cybersecurity Features To protect your system. How it works with a single device, Cable, IP address and video management software license (Vms), Both installation and maintenance throughout its useful life have a low cost.

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By • 20 Apr, 2023
• Section: Deep down, Detection, Intrusion, Services, Video surveillance