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The tech wholesaler MCR It has incorporated into its portfolio of electronic security the solutions of the Spanish provider Videologic Analytics, with the distribution of its intelligent video analysis and perimeter protection systems.

With this agreement, MCR increases its proposal of electronic security in the Spanish market with the developments of Videologic Analytics in intelligent video analysis with interpretation of images from visible cameras, infrared and thermal; integration with viewer for live video reception, Recordings and events, with forwarding to other alarm management systems.

Videologic Analytics has professional security technology experts to protect critical facilities, with edge solutions, that are being deployed in a growing sector such as energy.

With the addition of Videologic Analytics, The wholesaler continues with the development of its electronic security division, offering customers a wide range of comprehensive and innovative solutions for the most demanding projects.

MCR headquartersThis is what he points out. Francisco Javier Rodriguez, presales security engineer of MCR Seguridad Electrónica: "The addition of Videologic Analytics responds to the growing demand for very specific solutions and products requested by our customers., guaranteeing our commitment to provide you with excellence, quality and advantages of working with a wholesaler like us".

From Videologic Analytics point out that the incorporation of MCR Security "to our distribution channel reaffirms the growth of the company. The symbiosis between both companies augurs a sure success in the security market, providing professional solutions of the highest quality".

With more than twenty years of experience in developing perimeter security solutions, The Spanish company Videologic Analytics develops intelligent software based on deep learning (deep learning) and intelligent video analytics. There are even specific versions from several thermal imaging technology manufacturers that offer camera models that allow Videologic software to be loaded into the camera itself..

"The security market is very demanding," they stress from Videologic Analytics.. When we talk about the protection of property and people, exceptional professional quality is required.. Companies like MCR provide everything necessary to give peace of mind to our customers. Professionalism, Knowledge and seriousness are the basis for providing quality technological solutions".

for Enrique Hernandez, MCR B2B Director, "The electronic security market is very competitive and being up to date with the most appropriate and cutting-edge innovations from companies such as Videologic Analytics is essential. Offering solutions at the highest technological level is part of our commitment and an added value for our customers".

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By • 14 Apr, 2023
• Section: Access control, Detection, Business, Video surveillance