Axis Q3538-SLVE

With image quality of 8 megapixels and forensic details in 4K resolution, the Q3538-SLVE dome of Axis Communications It is specially designed for use in the naval environment and food factories.

Equipped with a marine-grade stainless steel housing (SS 316L) and with DNV certification, The high-end camera Axis Q3538-SLVE Can withstand the corrosive effects of seawater and cleaning products. Incorporates IR technology optimized to avoid infrared reflections from rain and snow.

This robust camera also integrates the Lightfinder technologies 2.0 and Forensic WDR for true-to-life colours and crisp detail in poorly lit situations and even near darkness.

Axis Q3538-SLVE has a processing unit DLPU with deep learning (deep learning), which improves your capacity, Performance and storage, Collecting and analyzing more data in the camera itself.

Thanks to the Object Analytics technology axis, That camera can detect and classify people and different types of vehicles., with a configuration adaptable to each situation.

By being compatible with the Version 4 of ACAP, The system can be complemented with bespoke applications based on deep learning at the edge, available through this manufacturer and its partners.

With an installation, Easy maintenance and use, This device is very suitable for use in remote locations. Added to this is its redundant power supply and the advantages of Zipstream technology with H.264/H.265, reducing bandwidth and storage requirements.

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By • 16 Sea, 2023
• Section: Deep down, HIGHLIGHTED IN DEPTH, MAIN HIGHLIGHT, Video surveillance