Axis Q8615-E

Designed for wide coverage and distance surveillance, the Q8515-E positioning camera Axis Communications Equips a 1/2" sensor and 31x optical zoom to deliver optimal image quality at all times, with intelligent analytics.

Axis Q8615-EWith 1080p HDTV resolution With 31x optical zoom, The positioning camera Axis Q8615-E Delivers exceptional image quality in both wide-surveillance and long-distance surveillance applications, with a Flexible installation in column, on pole or wall for a continuous, unobstructed panoramic view of 360° and a ground-to-sky view from -90° to +45°.

Axis Q8615-E incorporates a 1/2 sensor″ very sensitive to light that, along with technologies Forensic WDR And Lightfinder, Ensures crisp, clear images even in extreme very low light conditions.

Compatible for H.264 and H.265, technology Axis Zipstream Significantly reduces bandwidth and storage requirements. In addition, infrared is available as an optional element so that Q8615-E can capture images even in total darkness.

This high-performance positioning camera delivers with analytics Axis Guard Suite to detect motion, Intrusion and presence, as well as with the function of Autotracking. With Active Gatekeeper, The device can automatically move to a predetermined position when motion is detected in a predefined area.

Axis Q8615-E

thanks to Axis Object Analytics, The camera can detect and classify people and vehicles, all adapted to specific needs. In addition, integrates functions of Cybersecurity to prevent unauthorized access and protect the system, as well as a module of Secure platform (Tpm) FIPS certificate 140-2 Level 2.

Q8615-E offers flexible cable management for efficient installation (Columns, Posts, Walls and corners) And, thanks to an SFP slot, Supports long-distance fiber connection, which limits possible points of failure in your system.

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By • 20 Jan, 2023
• Section: Deep down, HIGHLIGHTED IN DEPTH, MAIN HIGHLIGHT, Urban security, Video surveillance