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Optimus AT-M15SIP

This versatile speaker from Optimus is suitable for multiple applications such as public address system, Notices, audio and intercom monitoring in any type of installation.

Optimus has incorporated into its offer of public address and intercom connectable to the data network and that work with the SIP protocol, the speaker AT-M15SIP. The range includes low and high power amplifiers, ceiling and exponential speakers, interfaces and intercoms for access control and shelter zones, among other options.

The Optimus AT-M15SIP model integrates a ceiling speaker in the same equipment that provides up to 103 dB SPL, an amplifier of 15 W RMS, a network interface for connection via SIP protocol, a monitoring microphone and two contacts, one input and one output.

Optimus AT-M15SIP

It is a versatile equipment with multiple applications, for public address functions, Notices, audio and intercom monitoring in any type of installation. Can function as a ceiling speaker, integrated into an IP/SIP public address system, receiving music and prompts from compatible devices, such as SMM-8SA message manager or any SIP phone.

Built-in microphone allows you to monitor the audio of your environment, both for safety functions and to establish communication with people in the vicinity of the speaker. Input and output pushbuttons make it easy, In addition, intercom functionality with call and communication signaling established.

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By • 2 Sep, 2022
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