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Axis Audio Manager Pro

The Audio Manager Pro software update for Axis Communications improves support and ability to manage network audio systems in larger and more complex facilities.

Plus a revamped web-based user interface, Axis has entered in the update of Audio Manager Pro support for larger network audio systems, to the point of admitting up to 5.000 speakers and one hundred management areas.

Axis Audio Manager ProAxis Audio Manager Pro, whose update supports an unlimited number of licenses to respond to the evolution and needs of each installation, also offers SIP server support with trunking to PBX systems, plus improved programming and volume control.

This audio management system, that the manufacturer has shown during its recent participation in InfoComm 2022 in Las Vegas and is now available, facilitates the reconfiguration of the different zones in real time.

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By • 13 Jun, 2022
• Section: Systems control, Evacuation, Events, Services