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Axis in Croda Iberica

The installation of network speakers of Axis have helped Iberian Croda that reactive surveillance improves security on the premises. The infrastructure has 50 C1000-E equipment, C2005-E and C1310-E.

The chemical multinational of British origin with a subsidiary in Spain, Iberian Croda had an audio system that did not provide full reach to the entire plant. That is why I needed a new solution that integrated with the IP telephony of Avaya.

For its realization, different speakers were installed and the project was carried out by the company ElectroTel that used Axis Communications.

Installed 50 IP speakers of Axis models C1000-E Network Cabinet, C2005-E Network Ceiling Speaker And C1310-E Network Horn Speaker.

Axis in Croda Iberica

IP speakers

The first includes the Axis Audio Manager Edge solution with which it is possible to efficiently manage and control the audio system and supports area management, content scheduling, as well as monitoring the status of the speakers.

The C2005-E Network Ceiling Speaker connects to the IP network and uses a standard network cable for both power., over Ethernet, as for connectivity. It is based on open standards that facilitate integration with your video management software (Vms), with Voice over IP telephony (Voip), using SIP, and with Axis analytics, both models used for the office environment.

And, finally, The C1310-E Network Horn Speaker has been chosen for outdoor spaces and those that have a high noise density. It is an all-in-one unit that includes power amplifier and signal processing (Dsp).

Axis in Croda Iberica

All of them are integrated into the client's telephony, thus facilitating security throughout the enclosure.

In addition, the entire plant has been wired, integrating the system with the Avaya switchboard. The installation of network speakers and other audio technologies have helped reactive surveillance improve security in the facilities.

In this case it has allowed the same communication to be made in case of emergency to all the personnel of Croda Ibérica. In this way, it is guaranteed that all the personnel of the company hear the same warning in real time throughout the enclosure, ensuring safety at all times.

Axis in Croda Iberica

Updated public address system

With this infrastructure, a need of the company has been solved, through an advanced technological solution.

Croda Ibérica has an updated public address system and wiring throughout the enclosure and with a forecast of growth in the short and medium term to expand this device in the coming months.

In addition to the level of security that can be improved by playing the correct sounds and messages, audio solutions can contribute to the safety of people in one place.

Messages that are played through networked audio speakers can not only communicate with a large number of people simultaneously, For example, in case of emergency, they also provide useful safety information.

All of this can make it possible to reproduce reminders of social distancing rules or help with crowd management..

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