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Introduction of artificial intelligence (The); use cases based on response time and detection technologies are some of the topics of the three webinars that Axis offer the days 23, 29 And 31 of this month of March, Respectively.

The role of artificial intelligence in video surveillance is growing rapidly; network cameras are getting smarter and go from just capturing a scene to better analyzing the objects that move in it.

To learn more about how artificial intelligence technology is adding value to video surveillance, Axis has organized three webinars, prior registration from this Link, with company experts and who will be started at 10:00H.

Introduction of AI

Axis AI webinarThe first webinar, which will take place next year 23 March and will count as speakers with Paulo Silva And Guillermo Lopez, will be an introduction to AI technology in video surveillance, and in which it will be explained how to train a neural network from a concrete example.

This webinar will also show how training and testing a neural network is critical to understanding the application itself and the complexity of the project in which it should be used..

Real time vs. non-real time

Axis AI webinarTaught by Paulo Silva And Alberto Alonso, The 29 March at 10:00h second webinar starts to address execution layers, the end, the server and/or cloud and the main differentiation of use cases based on response time and actions taken.

It will explain in detail what to consider when conducting analyses to support use cases with real-time alerts and what kind of approach to take for forensics., without forgetting how cybersecurity is an important issue for AI in this industry.

Detection technologies and analysis examples

Axis AI webinarThe third and final webinar in this series, the next 31 March taught by Paulo Silva, will introduce the topic of selecting and combining the right sensing technologies for a project and how Axis helps support the ecosystem of development partners for specialized analytics.

Another aspect that will be discussed in this webinar is how AI can help the professional analyze video data effectively..

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