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Bharat Diamond Bourse

The Diamond Center of Bharat Diamond Bourse has equipped its facilities with a security infrastructure based on the VMS of Milestone. It has 3.500 Cameras Plus, that integrate with ACS and Video Analytics.

Bharat Diamond Bourse (BDB) is one of the largest diamond centers in the world. With more than 4.000 members dedicated to import and export, trade in and trade in rough and polished diamonds, has created a trading framework to carry out your transactions with maximum comfort and security.

The Exchange was created with the aim of providing the facilities with the necessary infrastructure for the promotion of diamond exports., including indian jewelry, and provide the support and service for this country to become a hub for international diamond trade, gems and jewelry.

BDB Complex is located in an extensive complex that covers 20 acres with a built area of near 610.000 square meters. Includes two basements of a 304.800 additional square meters for car parking and utilities, with a state-of-the-art surveillance and security system 24/7. In addition, has a dedicated and well-equipped rapid response team to address crises.

Such a critical and multi-purpose environment for security requires a state-of-the-art surveillance infrastructure.

The Stock Exchange has a daily influx of more than 70.000 people who come from all over for the diamond trade and host critical plant operations. To address this scale of activities efficiently throughout the day, it was crucial that BDB maintained maximum security for people and property.

"We were looking for something that was more than a system based on security cameras and analog monitoring.. The diamond industry requires the highest standards of safety and security, with an advanced and open VMS. Milestone was what we were looking for to help control all the facilities” Says Samir Jha, Head Security & Fire Safety de BDB.

Milestone at Bharat Diamond Bourse

Openness and scalability

BDB chose Milestone Systems solutions because of the reliability of its platform Vms. In addition, were working with very easy-to-use platform applications that suited all their requirements, that allow you to select any camera model or other system.

“The platform proved to be very easy to use, not just when it comes to installation and configuration, but also in terms of operation. Met all our needs locally and on-site, with high availability in terms of video data”, adds Samir Jha.

They also discovered that they could access the surveillance system using smartphones and tablets..

"The application XProtect Mobile has helped access to the surveillance system through these terminals. Through the app, our security team can see, play and export videos, listen to audio clips and talk through the camera. You can also respond to access control requests and receive automatic notifications about events that can be triggered as alarms, directly on a mobile device. Some other features like MAP, Smart Wall, Carousel View and Matrix, Etc. they are also very useful in proactive monitoring", explains Walter Crasto, Head IT de BDB.

With a huge area to cover, BDB took about two years to install 3.500 Cameras Plus. They hope to duplicate these facilities and integrate them with the Access Control System (ACS) And Video Analytics (GOES).

Improved recovery rate

The recovery of stolen diamonds is noticeable in an industry where the rate is low. In 2020, BDB had a rate of 100% of precious stones and other properties, thanks in large part to Milestone System's video-assisted technology.

"There will always be people who want to take our diamonds. But now, with Milestone's open VMS, they will find it much more challenging. Even our lost diamonds are returned.

BDB is also pleased to contribute to the community, by helping Mumbai City Police monitor road safety in surrounding areas with the help of Milestone's open VMS platforms.

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By • 4 Oct, 2021
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