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Hikvision ColorVu

In this neo article, Channel Sales Director, an in-depth analysis of Hikvision ColorVu cameras is performed. Equipment capable of capturing 4K images in any light situation.

Going on holiday is always nice. But it is inevitable that the owners of a home or a small business feel some uneasiness at the possibility of suffering an intrusion or theft. Friends of others often take advantage of the absence of tenants to act. The installation of an efficient security system is vital and the new cameras Hikvision ColorVu become a key element.

ColorVu cameras are equipment capable of capturing high quality images in any light situation. Even at night, in conditions of absolute darkness, generate color images, in high resolution (4K:i) and with maximum clarity.

The color and sharpness of images are critical elements. Conventional cameras usually work with black and white images that, In addition, in low light conditions they become blurry, so it is very difficult to identify what has happened. That's why, ColorVu cameras represent such an important qualitative leap. Offer 24 hours of clear color images, sharp and at full resolution, both in daylight and at night.

The new cameras of the PRO Series have smart technology AcuSense based on deep learning algorithms that allows to distinguish different types of moving objects.

AcuSense differentiates when it is a vehicle or a person, which are the elements that can truly become a threat, in front of animals, branches moved by the wind, Rain, or any other non-relevant security element. In this way, false alarms are minimized, providing maximum efficiency to the system and peace of mind for the end user.

From 2018, when the first generation of ColorVu cameras came on the market, the company has constantly evolved these equipment, incorporating new devices and functionalities.

The aim is to make available to the market a safety product that offers maximum reliability and is very easy to use. And that has been achieved with the technological development that has been implemented with first-class technologies such as AcuSense, based on artificial intelligence.

Today, Hikvision portfolio includes intelligent, high-performance solutions, as well as cheaper options for homes and small businesses.

Hikvision ColorVu

State-of-the-art technology

How do ColorVu cameras achieve that image accuracy in any circumstance?? The great ability to capture details in low light comes from two specific advances: advanced lenses and high-performance sensors.

Hereto, an additional light is added that triggers the camera itself for extremely dark scenarios.

The new lenses of the ColorVu cameras have maintained the super aperture design F1.0, allowing four times more light to enter the lens than conventional cameras. The big challenge with this level of aperture is to achieve precise focusing that provides high-definition images..

Overcoming this technical difficulty requires a very strict camera manufacturing process..

Hikvision has applied its advanced technology Active Alignment (Aa) in the production of these devices to bring the precision of adjustment to 4 Pixels, a measure that is 30 times smaller than the diameter of a hair.

With optimized sensors, night color images from ColorVu cameras are reproduced with much more brightness than in conventional cameras. And a new dynamic noise reduction algorithm (Dnr) 3D helps them record additional details clearly and deliver sharper images.

In short, these are cameras of very high precision and very versatile, very useful not only to protect real estate, but also open spaces and large environments, like stadiums, Airports, events and many other scenarios, where clear images with changing lighting conditions are needed.

Hikvision colorvu pro

Reducing false alarms

The new Hikvision ColorVu cameras incorporate AcuSense technology that, thanks to built-in deep learning algorithms, can distinguish people and vehicles from other moving objects, like animals, leaves, branches or rain.

By focusing on the important elements of security, it is possible to minimize false alarms, which increases the effectiveness of the security system. alerts are triggered only when the set intrusion type occurs.

In addition, with this solution the videos are classified by categories of people and vehicles, which greatly improves the efficiency of the search when the user wants to view images that the camera has recorded.

In fact, accessing all the information collected by the teams is easy and convenient. It can be done from the user's own smartphone, thanks to the application Hik-Connect, that connects and communicates with all the security devices of the facilities.

With Hik-Connect you have full access to images in real time, you can receive remote notifications and play the videos captured by the cameras in the last hours.

Hikvision's ColorVu series spans the gamut Turbo HD (DF0T series, DF3T, DF8T, DFT, HFT and UF3T) in its bullet versions, minibullet and turret with different lenses -fixed and motorized varifocals-, resolutions 2, 5 And 8 Mpx.

In the IP versions, ColorVu has cameras with resolutions of 2, 4 And 8 Mpx, in bullet versions, turret, minidome and PTZ. And as additional elements, there are cameras with microphone, integrated siren and strobe light, so that the light and sound they emit when they detect an intruder can cause the intruder to leave the place quickly without perpetrating the robbery..

Neo, Channel Sales Director HikvisionNeo

Channel Sales Director of Hikvision

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