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The Sotogrande Hikvision Prosegur Security Club Reserve

Efficiency and discretion with advanced security technology is the solution chosen by The Sotogrande Club Reserve (Cadiz) with cameras Hikvision composed of Prosegur Security.

The security plan of The Sotogrande Club Reserve, located in the town of Cadiz of the same name, made with technology Hikvisión in collaboration with Prosegur Security includes cameras 4MP IP bullet And Thermal for the perimeter protection and fire prevention, as well as portable devices for personnel and vehicles of safety equipment

This end-to-end solution offers a double response: on the one hand, proactive security has been strengthened, that allows to detect any possible intrusion to this exclusive complex under all environmental situations and respecting the uniqueness of the environment and the privacy of its customers, And, on the other hand, the effectiveness of surveillance rounds by security personnel has been improved, especially at night.

The solution of Hikvision has consisted in the deployment of two complete equipment of video surveillance, one of fixed cameras and another of mobile devices. The first strengthens the defense of the perimeter, of wide extension, and prevents possible fires.

For this purpose, hikvision ip bullet type fixed cameras have been installed, with a resolution of 4 Megapixel, that offer images in high definition even in backlight, as well as thermal cameras to cover the perimeter of the enclosure, that incorporate a powerful behavior analysis function based on deep learning (deep learning).

The mobile security equipment is based on portable cameras with 2 megapixels of resolution, both bodily and installed on board security vehicles.

As he explains Manuel Vazquez, Technology Operations Manager, Prosegur Security, “en nuestra compañía llevamos años apostando por la transformación del mercado de la seguridad, with the best profiles and accompanied by the latest technology, like Hikvision's. The Sotogrande Reserve is a clear example of a pioneering and benchmark global solution in this area".

Challenges and solutions

The Sotogrande Reserve commissioned Prosegur Security a comprehensive protection solution throughout the enclosure, effective and discreet, which meant facing some challenges for its deployment.

First of all, the very location of this renowned complex in a natural place of exceptional beauty and overlooking the sea, in which vegetation, exposure to different climatic conditions and the extent of its extension presented difficulties in designing a networked security system, which also had to be just as effective at night, when the lack of light can facilitate possible intrusions.

On the other hand, the fact that some holes in the complex's golf course are located at the perimeter boundaries required a minimally invasive solution, so as not to hinder the game or pose an obstacle to the privacy of its users.

"For The Sotogrande Reserve, security is not understood without privacy and discretion for all our customers. Hikvision and Prosegur bring us both", explains Diego Jiménez, security manager of this space.

Hikvision's solution, integrated by Prosegur Security, has provided an advanced security technology to the entire enclosure, adapted to the environment, with high quality day and night imaging, in any weather situation (backlights caused by the sun, Rain, wind, Etc.), together with effective detection of potential risks, such as a fire or nighttime intrusion, thanks to the artificial intelligence technology of the cameras, with behavior analysis.

In addition, secure perimeter coverage has been achieved over long distances with a small number of devices, which has reduced the necessary investment and has facilitated the integration of equipment into the environment in a non-invasive way so as not to affect customer activity.

Finally,, the deployment of portable systems has also improved the work and effectiveness of security teams in their surveillance tasks, as the rounds are monitored in real time thanks to 4G transmission.

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By • 16 Jul, 2021
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